Winter wedding: the perfect guest

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Winter Weddings
10 Inspiring outfits to be the perfect guest


Summer is, par excellence, the wedding season. However, many people decide to have their weddings during fall or winter. Traditionally, we have had the idea that it’s more difficult to create glamorous and trendy outfits when it’s cold outside. Well, we must admit that it's challenging: the more layers we wear, the more imagination we invest to combine them.

This is why we have decided to compose a list of outfits, from romantic dresses to elegant jumpsuits, that will inspire you to choose the flawless look.

Don’t resist to be the perfect guest!


1. When romanticism meets elegance

The combination of an elegant purple dress and a romantic golden hairband results in a quite powerful outfit. In this case, the dress has a simple yet unique design. The feathers over the shoulders remind us to a swan, a stylish medieval queen or even Jon Snow. Purple color is related to fantasy and imagination. Two elements perfectly combined in this outfit.


Source: Pinterest

Little Black Lace Dress or Elegant Lace Dress

Classic Purple Dress

Dazelling Gemstone Hair Band

Jeffrey Campbell Heels


2. The James Bond girl 

You are not so much into accessories? Then, the solution is to make your dress the protagonist of your outfit. Sequins glitter for themselves. They are elegant and immediately associated with a party outfit, which makes them perfect for a night wedding. In combination with a backless dress, the best guest prize will be yours. 


Source: Pinterest

Backless Sequins Dress or Backless dresses

Steve Madden Heels or Classic Black Heels


3. Bohemian like you

 The good thing about diversity in fashion is that we have a wide range of styles to choose the one we like. If you are fond of more bohemian, relaxed and effortless outfits, try a vaporous dress with soft colors and vintage airs. 


Source: Pinterest

Floral Print Bohemian Dress

Long Chiffon Open Back Dress

Pleated Midi Dress

Romantic Short Dress or its long version


4. The painter's muse

Sophisticated yet a free spirit. Long dress to keep the mystery, red color to show unrevealed passion. The muse is earthly but unattainable. This amazing outfit by the hand of Paula Ordovás, My Peeptoes, transports us to a Gustav Klimt's painting.


Source: My Peeptoes

Golden Hair Accessory

Burgundy Sandals

Love Moschino Clutch

Delicate Chiffon Long Dress


5. Burgundy velvet

We already said that velvet is a must wear trend for this Fall. Add a flower crown in harmony with the color of your dress, and success is guaranteed.  


Source: Pinterest

Velvet Dresses

Favorite choice: Burgundy Dress

Hair Embellishment


6. Indie notes

Alexa Chung's style has a well defined identity. The British it-girl projects such naturalness and chic effortlessness, that we could say she seems French. A polka dots dress gives that vintage yet naive touch that is not to be missed.

Source: Pinterest

Retro Dress

Lace Long Dress

Indie Maxi Dress


7. Jazz Noir

Of course, we could not forget the classic dress with an opening in the skirt. The whole scene in the picture radiated perfection. The combination of red dress, faux fur stole and soft waves in her hair, reminds us to film noir



Crochet Lace Black Dress

Sexy Lace Dress

Nude Suede Heels

Faux Fur Coat

8. Romantic minimalism

Minimal, sensual and fetching designs are all you need to be the perfect guest. This gray, long dress with a romantic detail where the back ends is more than enough to make a fashion statement.


Source: Pinterest

Dress for Minimal Lovers

Silk Goddess Dress (try it with a combination under it)

Long Elegant Maxi Dress

9. It's not all about the dress

Dresses are femininity in its highest expression. However there's nothing like a touch of masculinity to nail a 100% chic outfit. Plus: jumpsuits and pants ensure you will be comfortable all day or night long.

Source: Pinterest

Loose Jumpsuit

Elegant Lace Details Jumpsuit

Black Jumpsuit

10. The red carpet girl

Because not all weddings require the same etiquette, here is an option for the ones who really have to shine. Almost more than the bride. If you have been invited to a night wedding or a luxurious ceremony, you have the chance to live a red carpet experience. Keep a natural hairstyle to preserve the freshness of your outfit.


Source: Pinterest

Mermaid Formal Gown

Sweet Evening Gown


Bonus track:

We didn't want to go without showing you this wonderful braid. Perfect for any event.

We arrived to the conclusion. Winter weddings might not be so frequent. However, when we are invited to one, we want to make a fashion statement. It's true that the temperature makes staying in open spaces a bit uncomfortable. On the other hand, it allows us to be creative when combining our outfit with a faux fur coat or stole (very in trend). For the most daring, even a long elegant cape-coat, to seem from a modern fairytale.

Which one of these outfits would you pick to be the perfect guest? You have a wedding this Winter and don't know how to combine your clothes?

Write to us!


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