How to wear a suit: women edition

Written by Marta_Osorio | @stylishcircle

Suits are sweet

We'll tell you how to make the most out of them!


How much time do you spend deciding what to wear to the office? Are you one of those persons that allocate time in the night to prepare her clothes, or you belong to the club of the spontaneous ones? Especially if you are the first type, but not excluding the second, suits can make your life much easier. For instance, by reducing your outfit choices and giving you more time to enjoy the morning coffee.


Traditionally considered a masculine garment, pantsuits have become accepted members of women's wardrobes since 1980, when they were popularized by corporate women. In the previous decades, they were seen as a sign of rebellion and a reason to turn our heads towards the trendsetter. Some designers, like André Courrèges and Yves Saint Laurent had introduced pantsuits and tuxedos in their collections. However, it wasn't until the success of the TV show Dynasty that they could enjoy the acceptance of society.


Suit dreams!


Elegant and androgynous.


1. Plaid suits

Plaid suits combined either with a pair of oxford shoes or stiletto pumps are a great idea. They look perfect with a white shirt or T-shirt. But on those really cold days, you can even wear them with a sweater.




Plaid Pants

White Shirts

Oxford Shoes

2. Queen of minimalism 

The minimalist edition of suits is always appropriate. You can combine them with sneakers and still rock the outfit. Entirely monochromatic looks transmit a neat and polished sensation that we can't help but love. 



White Classic Sneakers

Gray Blazers

Knit Sweatshirts


3. Playful and colorful

Suits are not necessarily mean to be serious. This is why you also have the colorful option. Adapt it to the style and to the occasion: classic cut, baroque touch or semi transparent blouses are up to you.


Color Blazers

High Heels

Transparent Blouses

4. Pinstripe suit

Pinstripe is one of the trends for this Fall, though it never goes out of fashion. From classical cut blazers to oversize jackets, bring to light your executive side. 


Black Pumps

Pinstripe Pants and Blazers

5. Velvet suit

Of course, we could not miss velvet. The star trend of this season also comes in the form of suit, adding its cozy and soft touch.


Velvet Blazers

Velvet Clutches

Bonus track: Party combination

Suits are great party allies as well. Don't hesitate to emulate Olivia Palermo's combination of blazer and leather slim-fit pants. On the other hand, tuxedos are the even-more-elegant brothers of pantsuits. If you have an event and you don't feel like wearing a dress, why not to try a tuxedo? Add a bow tie to get a cool gentlewoman style.



Suits are a trendy classic. They look good on any type of body and, if we know how to wear them, we will add a touch of elegance where we go. The cut of the suit as well as the fabric are the most important ingredients to take into consideration. The suit must be well tailored for the person that wears it. Even in the case of oversize jackets or pants, we should be careful and make sure that the shoulders stay in their place. Unless we want to look like Scully.

Are you fond of suits? Thoughts!


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