How to Make Your Legs Look Longer

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The Simple Guide for Picking the Right Shoes


All women want long, slender legs, maybe not as thin as those of a supermodel, but close enough.

Still, it can be a bit hard to make your legs longer if you are not build that way. Going to gym might just tone them up, appearing thinner so they would be visually percepted as being longer too, but what can you do if you are mignon?


It’s simpler than you think. Picking the right shoes can go a long way, and we will help you to get the ideal pair.


The Knee High Boots

This length is very tricky because a few cm might just ruin your look. The length of the boot should be around a palm over you knee so that it doesn’t cut your legs at a bad section. You can try out several designs and which fits you the best.

knee high boots that make your legs look longer


The Casual Ankle Boots

We love them, but do we know how to choose them? If you want to get a pair that is a bit above your ankle you should know that it will make your legs look puffier and shorter. The most narrow part of your legs, your ankle, won’t be showing, so get this type of shoes would be the best option only if you have broad ankles.

boots for longer legs


The Strappy Shoes

They are the hit almost in every season, but don’t get fooled by the looks of them. These types of shoes are the trickiest because you might think that thin straps will make your legs look more elegant, and it is true. But for mignons this is not the most flattering type of shoes. Having many horizontal lines, they broaden your feet, visually cutting the legs in sections, thus appearing shorter.

perfect heels for longer legs


The Best Pick

Ankle boots that are just below the ankle will surely be one of the best picks, especially for casual outfits. Another type you should invest in are ankle boots with a front deep cut that will create an illusion of a lower ankle, making the leg appear longer this way.  Still, the best shoes for making your legs look like a supermodel’s are the simple pointed stiletto’s . We suggest you invest in a high quality pair because this will be your secret weapon.

ankle boots for longer legs


EXTRA TIP: Go for nudes instead of black, for the obvious reason!

Share your tips for long legs!




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