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Timeless beach essentials and dreamy holidays


Some of us love shoes or handbags while others are addicted to bikinis.


From Aruba to Amsterdam, Gala designed her colorful bikini journey through the fashion world. She is a fashion blogger and swimwear stylist living in Amsterdam.

You wouldn't have expected that, right? Let's learn more about her and her interesting story.


miami swim week

1.We want to know you better so please describe yourself in one sentence.
A bikini blogger from Amsterdam living her dream day by day and preparing myself for the biggest challenge so far: motherhood.


bikini model Gala

2.How did you came up with the name of your blog?
I wanted to start a blog where I could write about my passion: bikinis. But also about new brands and cool beach accessories. My blog is a collection of all beach related must haves that I personally like, so that’s why I added the word ‘My’ to the name of my blog. 


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3. Would you consider leaving Amsterdam for a tropical island?
For a certain amount of time, let’s say a couple of years, definitely!! But I think after a while I would really miss Amsterdam. I’m living in this city for all my life and till now I haven’t been to a place that could replace Amsterdam and all that it has to offer. And of course, the fact that my friends and family are living here makes it harder to leave. But… the only thing that Amsterdam doesn’t have is a beautiful beach! The best solution would be to spend half of the year in Amsterdam and the other half on a sunny island. That’s my next goal! ;)


bikini fashion blogger


bikini fashion blogger


4.What differentiates you from all the other fashion bloggers?
These days there are a lot of fashion bloggers! Which is a good thing because blogging is a perfect way to express yourself and share your story with the public in your own personal way. But at the same time it’s hard to distinguish yourself from all the other bloggers out there. That’s why I focused on a niche from day one. I specialize in writing about swimwear so I wanted my blog to be a place where you can come when you’re specifically looking for swimwear related articles. Almost every woman in the world owns a bikini and I think it’s important that no matter your shape or size, you have to feel comfortable in it. With my blog I want my followers to get to know all the different kind of brands and styles there are and show what works for me.

5.How much time do you spend working on the blog?
At this point I’m working on my blog every day. Not all day because I also work on other projects. I’d say I work about 4 to 6 hours a day on my blog. Sometimes I take a day off to do something fun with my friends and it often happens that I’m still emailing at night or finishing a blog post in the weekend. Sunday is my day off though! On that day I try to relax and don’t think about business, which can be a challenge when you’re an entrepreneur.


6.Which is your all time favorite accessory that you own and that you would wear with a bikini.
Honestly, I can’t imagine a beach holiday without my Pitusa dresses! They are beach-to-bar ready and available in so many different styles and colors. It’s the perfect item to complete your beach outfit and now that I’m pregnant I find it so important that everything that I wear is comfortable but still stylish. That’s why I can always count on my Pitusa collection. 


7.What do you invest in? Other than bikinis.
Hair products! Yes, it might sound weird but for me my hair is really important and it requires a lot of care. My curls really define me and I often get recognized by my hair. So I always make sure I use the best products for my hair and I even have two different hairdressers: one to dye my hair and one to cut my hair. Call me crazy, but every time I leave the hair salon I feel reborn!


Gala fashion blogger


8.Would you like to design a clothing line in collaboration with a famous designer? If yes, Which designer and why?
Yes! That would be my dream!  It’s definitely high on my list to work with a designer and collaborate on a swimwear line together. In terms of swimwear brands I would love to work with the designers behind Acacia or Mara Hoffman (their prints are to-die for!). I mean how cool will it be to combine their signature designs with my tropical style thanks to my Caribbean roots??


9.Which is your most expensive item from your wardrobe? And the cheapest?
When it comes to swimwear I’m willing to pay whatever for a piece that I really love (I think that’s part of being a bikini addict!). But with clothing I like to mix high street brands with more sophisticated brands and sometimes add a designer accessory. I have a couple of timeless pieces like my Alexander Wang blazer and my black Prada pumps. I can always count on them when I have a fancy party. The cheapest thing in my closet, but probably the thing I wear most is my high waist Topshop jeans. It’s a versatile jeans that I wear with sneakers, heels or boots and, of course, so comfortable!  


10.Talking a bit about Amsterdam. We've been there a month ago and loved the city. Which is the best place to spend a day at? Favorite restaurant or bistro?
Amsterdam has so many great places to offer! Especially in summer time. There are nice hang-outs by the water like Harbour Club, Pllek or Strand Zuid. Enjoy cool rooftop sessions at the W Hotel, Floor 17 or Canvas and eat breakfast or brunch at Teds or Janz Amsterdam. I could go on and on lol! Maybe I should start an Amsterdam Hotspot blog, no? 


11. Where do you like to spend your summers? Have you ever been to the beach in the Netherlands?
Amsterdam is definitely my number one hangout for summer. You have everything here so when the weather is good you don’t have to leave the country actually. And yes, I do visit the beaches here in the Netherlands because they have very nice beach clubs where you can spend all your day. The beaches and ocean itself are not really like the beaches you see on my Instagram* lol! So therefor I like to make quick trips to Ibiza or Barcelona. I actually just came back from a couple of days in Italy. It was amazing and the food was so good! 


miami swim week


When it’s winter in the Netherlands I like to travel to far places where the sun always shines like Curacao, Miami or Mexico.


12. What are the disadvantages of being a fashion blogger?
Honestly, until this point I haven’t experienced any disadvantages specifically related to being a fashion blogger. Of course there is the worldwide competition among bloggers and the social media changes, but I think any type of blogger deals with this. You just have to focus on your goals and believe in yourself. And how corny that may sound, it’s so true!


 If you love getting inspired on Instagram as much as we do, follow Gala on her bikini journey. Her Instagram profile is filled with colorful snaps that will surely boost your creativity when it comes to going to the beach.


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