DIY Summer Braided Hairstyle

Written by Simona | @stylishcircle

Hairstyle for Hot Summer Days


Choose a cute and feminine summer hairstyle that can be created in a couple a minutes like a cool braided style that will never let you down.

You can have plenty of interpretations when it comes to braids but we'll just present you an easy and quick crown braid.


We love braids because they are loose, romantic and can be worn for any occasion like going to a festival, to the office or for a cocktail party.

Braids are the coolest trend for this summer and can make any boring hair look spectacular and cute.


Hair Box


For this summer crown braid you don’t need to know any professional techniques or to have special tools.

It can look good both on messy or clean hair, you can use a dry shampoo and to finish it up, a hair spray so the hairstyle will last all day long.

In summer usually it's super hot outside and we don’t want our hair to stick on to the face and neck all day long.


With this amazing braided hairstyle you will look cool and fresh.


Crown braids are versatile, beautiful and universally flattering. With a few help from a friend you can pull off this stylish regal braid efficiently and quickly.

If you are not new to braids, well it’s easy to do this hairstyle even by yourself with the help of a mirror.


So what’s our trick? Start to braid you hair from the front section of the locks and be sure you gathered enough hair to make it like a crown.

Keep braiding your hair horizontally and then begin again from the other side.

 In 2 minutes you have a wonderful DIY summer braided hairstyle!


Hair Mist & Blow Dryer


You can have an effortlessly cool hairstyle for summer days perfect for when you are going to the beach or for a night out with the girls.

Because of the summer's high temperatures and humidity it’s better to opt for braids.

It’s just not worth the time and effort to make perfect and sleek hairstyles because your hair will surely get frizzy fast.





If you liked our DIY summer braided hairstyle just follow our Youtube channel for other tutorials and quick hairstyles.


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