9 Ideas - Learn How to Mix Shirt and Tie Patterns

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 A Gentleman’s Guide to Pattern Matching - Shirts and Ties


Women like seeing men in suits and ties, but for some men it’s a real burden to pick formal wear.

The main problem that they have to cope with, is mixing and matching shirt patterns and ties. That is if you want to take it to another level, because getting plain, neutral clothes is the easy way to it.

Still, men as women, want to stand out, to be different but when it comes to creativity, don't try to go overboard with the colors and patterns.



 Don't forget - there are some basic rules that would help you next time you go shopping.


If you want to look slimmer, get a dark colored shirt with thin vertical stripes and a contrasting tie in bold colors and a bigger pattern, like a madras check.

If you like having handkerchiefs in your suit pockets, get a solid color because the human eye can only handle four patterns at one time. For a business suit, you should limit it to two.


Pattern sizes

When picking a shirt, take into account varying the same pattern size, so that they complement each other.
Motifs that have a similar sizes look overcrowded and they are tiring for the human eye.

pattern size in shirts and ties for men


Haggar Men

Tommy Hilfiger 

Kenneth Cole Reaction


Motif variations

The easier way to do this, is mixing totally different patterns, like a striped shirt and dotted tie. If you pick contrasting colors, it will look even better.
The idea is to not have the shirt the same color as your tie.

mixing different patterns for ties and shirts


Kenneth Cole Reaction

Tommy Hilfiger

Kenneth Cole Reaction 


Color Matching

To master color matching, get a tie that has the motif in one of the shirt’s colors or vice-versa.
Making a choice like this, would result in a safe combination but still different than a neutral, dull look.

matching colors for shirts and ties

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Dockers Blue Shirt


StylishCircle Tip: A simple, well designed shirt that you can wear in more than 3 different ways would be the perfect investment. Then get some patterned ties to complete the look.
It's as simple as that! 


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