8 Brands That Sponsor Fashion Bloggers

Written by adriana.barar | @stylishcircle

Learn how to monetize your fashion blog by working with fashion brands.


Starting up a fashion blog is a very tough decision at first and even if it’s sounds really glam, there is so much hard work behind all the fun, right?


The first posts will surely be about yourself, why you started and you will probably also start creating posts about fashion and outfits. But then you will see that it all gets so expensive since you started your fashion blog.

Being able to keep up with the trends, browsing and buying items from new collections empties your pockets in a fraction of a second.


You can shop at thrift stores but as a trendsetter, you have to build up you style, your image and of course grow your blog, and thrift stores won’t get you high up very soon.

Moving up a level means starting to collaborate with brands, probably not high end at first, but you have to keep in mind that it’s all step by step on your way up.


You probably know by now that there are shops that would sponsor bloggers to wear their clothes, post pictures on their social networks or even ask them to be brand ambassadors.


To make it easier for you, we made a list of 7 brands that sponsor fashion bloggers:


1. StylishCircle


We're a big fashionable community constantly looking for stylish fashion bloggers to work with. From publishing sponsored posts, creating content to partnering in giveaways we're happy to have you on our team.

To get started, send us an email with your blog address and name at [email protected]

stylishcircle bloggers


This brand features all the latest trends at affordable prices. Simple designs that you can style in so many ways.

Get more information about their blogger program here.

oasap fashion blogger program

3. Choies

You should expect cool footwear designs made out of real leather and fancy cute bags.

Clothing in so many different styles for everyone’s taste. See their blogger program here.

choies blogger sponsorship

3. SheInside

They have a special page made especially for fashion bloggers from where you get to pick items.

This way , if you get the same item as another blogger, you will surely want to stand out and make the outfit more special.

Information about their blogger cooperation program here.

fashion blogger sponsorship

5. Romwe

 This is one of the firsts brands to introduce a fashion blogger program, at a large scale.

They have so many cool campaigns like designing your own fashion collection. Read about their campaigns and offers for fashion bloggers here.

romwe fashion blogger program


6. Front Row Shop

Probably one of the few online shops that have really unique designs that you probably haven’t seen before.

Details about their fashion blogger program can be found here.


front row shop blogger sponsorship

7. StyleMoi

 So many styles in one single shop.

You can find beautiful designs made out of high quality fabrics.

Their fashion blogger program is detailed here.


blogger partnerships


8. Jessica Buurman

This is a lovely brand, where you can find high quality leather shoes, bags and accessories plus the trendiest clothes that just hit the streets.

Find their blogger program here.

jessica buurman blogger programme


Would you consider working or have you worked with these shops?

Which is your favorite, how was your experience?



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