5 Hair Colors You Have to Try

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Want a Total Makeover? We've Got Some Ideas for You


2015 has been a very colorful year especially if we are talking about hair.

We've seen them all! From ash greys, pastels to vivids and neons mixed together or just as an even color, but there are some hair colors that we fell for.


Cute pastels, especially hot colors like peach, pink or yellow look perfect even during fall. Braids appear more obvious and you can easily add some cute little flowers and make the perfect wedding hairstyle.


Deep blues and greens look really great but you have to be much more courageous to try them out. If you  have green or blue eyes, try to use some contrasting make-up like rusty shades of deep brown and orange in order to make their color pop.


Still, you should consider that having really intense colored hair you will have to limit make-up. You can use dark make-up only if it's a special event, but for day to day looks go for natural colors and just maybe a vivid lipstick.


For a more subtle but yet dramatic makeover, you could try an ashy shade or grey. Grey hair has been trending since last year and several other hues have appeared so you might just want to try a colored grey. Silver, indigo or even purple gray could be a very cool option if you consider having a style change.


The good news if that you don't have to commit to a certain color on the long term. But the bad news is that you should probably bleach your hair before going for such a color. You should be very careful if you are doing this at home because you might damage it. Try to get informed beforehand and act with care.


If you already have blonde hair and you just want a tint of color, we found the best products you could try out.

pastel hair colors

Source: http://dailymakeover.com/


30% more color in this demi-permanent Manic Panic dye

vibrant demi-permanent hair colors


Pink                             Blue                              Orange


pastel hair braid

Source: http://www.modwedding.com/



A professional approach when you want to add some pastel in your locks

pastel hair dye

Pastel Green                                Pastel Pink


hair colors to try

Source: http://www.mywedding.com/



Don't panic! It's just demi-permanent. Try any color you like because it will wash out eventually.

manic panic hair color

Turquoise                    Wildfire                     Enchanted Forest


pastel green color

 Source: http://www.brit.co/


gray hair color

Source: www.lallthatglittersl.wordpress.com


Which color will you try next? We've got our heart set on pastels because they would look great in an Autumn braid.


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