5 Key Pieces, 5 Party Outfits for Fall

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How to take the 5 key pieces of this season to party?

Friday, I’m in love!


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...Are you also counting the days left for the weekend? During the week, we see ourselves pushed in wearing clothes that are compliant with the dress code of our workplace. As you are reading this article, you probably like fashion. Therefore, you must be looking forward for the weekend to spread out your most creative side. 

In his celebrated novel Anna Karenina, Tolstoy wrote that "there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts". We can also say that there are as many styles as there are people. The truth is that trends are here for us to adapt them to our style. This is why we have selected the 5 key pieces of clothing you will want to have in your wardrobe. And even more, we have taken them out to party. 


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Yeah, week, please give us a break! 


1. Bomber Jacket

Punk is not dead. Or, at least, that's what the boom of the bomber jacket tells us. They are available in literally all styles, from sweet and soft pink sateen ones to military green and grunge ones. They give the cool touch to almost any outfit you can imagine. The most common is to see them combined with slim fit jeans, but a pencil skirt is also an option to explore. 


Source: Pinterest.com



Steve Madden Black Booties 

Bomber Jacket with Bows

Bomber Jacket

Lace Black Bra

Black Slim Jeans

Skull Ring

Crop Top


2. Body

Undoubtedly, the star piece of clothing of this season and the ones to come. Our favorites are knit and lace bodies, which look perfect combined with a pair of jeans. Their quality is that, at the same time, they transmit sweetness and sensuality. Give in to the nineties! 

Source: Pinterest.com



Lace Body

Distressed Jeans

Pink Body

White Body

Little Miss Olt

3. Sateen top or dress

The fluid texture of sateen makes it one of the most elegant fabrics. We find it especially in tops, which will let our shapes see only the necessary amount. As it looks like the type of top we would wear when we sleep, the effortless vibe is guaranteed. For the office, combine it with some suit pants to get the look. For a party, a pencil skirt or a pair of jeans will rock it.

Source: Pinterest.com


Denim Skirt

Love Moschino Clutch

Sateen Top

Michael Kors Frames

Ballerina Choker

Crop Top

Red Velvet Boots


4. Velvet dress

Velvet everywhere. This trend has come with strength, and it won't abandon the position soon. What does velvet have that it can look bohemian while being perfectly elegant? If you have a special occasion or event, consider the velvet dress your ally. 


Source: Pinterest.com




Monsoon Dress

Navy Velvet Dress

Burgundy Velvet Dress

Game Over Clutch

Pussycat Velvet Purse

Suede Booties, Black Velvet Booties, Petroleum Velvet Booties

5. Leather skirt

But, was it ever not trendy? Good question. A leather skirt is a classic that can't be missed in the wardrobe of any fashionista. The best is that we can find it in all the styles we can imagine: from midi to mini. Combine it with a pair of sneakers for those days you have to go all over the city. For the office, there's nothing more lady than a midi skirt combined with a pair a heels. 


Source: Pinterest.com




Pencil Skirt

Pleated Skirt

Belt Biker Skirt

Wrapped Skirt

Midi Skirt

Ballet Falts, Sneakers, Black Pumps, Kitty Flats, Powder Leather Pumps



In conclusion, the fabrics are the protagonist elements. Velvet is, not only in dresses and tops, but in shoes, bags, chokers (the list goes on). We have seen leather in leggins and pants, and now it also comes in the shape of skirts. And who can resist the touch of a bomber jacket? It does its magic combined with almost any dress or skirt you can imagine. Parties and, in general, those days we can relax and enjoy freedom, are the ideal occasion to experiment with our fashion side.

Which one of the top 5 key trendy pieces of clothing would you take to party?  


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