12 presents nobody wants to get for Christmas

Written by Gabriela_Codita | @stylishcircle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...

Ahhh…Christmas is just around the corner – the perfect season of sharing, giving and receiving. And you know what that means, don’t you? Presents!  Another year of terrible presents from good hearted people. So let’s get prepared and begin our countdown for the ugliest Christmas gifts ever.

Here are the 12 tackiest gifts we could find – you’ll either love them or loathe them!


Ugly Christmas sweater

Source: sounddessert.com


There’s something special about this tacky Christmas sweater: it’s horrible. Look on the bright side: at least you can wear it to an ugly sweater party, but really nowhere else.


Socks with toes – the curse of cold feet

Source: caucusrace.wordpress.com


The new ridiculous accessory aiming to dethrone the ugly Christmas sweater. The good part: you can keep your toes warm all winter long, even though you’ll have them hugged to death.


Tasteless holiday chocolate

Source: blaircandy.com


The perfect gift idea for the uninspired: you need to find something fast that’s a sure win? Call in chocolate to save the day!


Weird sexy lingerie



Your beloved ones deserve it, don't they? They will be thrilled and their only words will be:  Oh my God! You shouldn’t have! No really, you shouldn’t have!


Old-fashioned Christmas decorations

Source: Pinterest.com


What would Christmas be without decorations? A plain ornament you can add to your tree is all you need for a cool style that you won’t see anywhere else.


Tableware you can use once a year

Source: partyvalue.com


A kettle with Santa? Plates with Christmas trees? Now you’ll get in the Christmas spirit in a big way!


The classic I don’t know what to get you present



If you already picked out your ugly Christmas sweater, then a red fluffy hat will be the perfect gift. Be happy! You are going to need Santa's hat to tie your entire outfit together.


Dancing Santa toys

Source: aliexpress.com


Ho Ho Ho! Now you'll know for sure when Santa Claus is coming to town!



Christmas puzzle

Source: prmac.com


Feed your beloved ones grey matter with a puzzle. A Christmas puzzle can be played "again and again" to keep your loved ones testing their skills this Christmas.


Wash-yourself more often set

Source: makesyousmile.com


Even though bath and body gift sets are the most popular presents given at Christmas time, they’re uncool. Not only because you are kind of implying that you think the person smells bad, but this gift is also saying that you know nothing about the person.


Thematic mugs that are not even funny

Source: justforgifts.com.uk


It is always interesting to see people with a Christmas mug in the middle of a blistering July.


Toilet decorations

Source: dhgate.com


Surely no house is complete at Christmas without Santa’s face adorning the toilet. Besides, when you retire there after Christmas dinner for a little solitude, you won’t have to leave your Christmas cheer at the door.


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