10 Top trends you will want to wear this Fall

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An inspiring guide of the top trends for this Fall


As a whirlwind of trends, fashion comes and goes across centuries, decades, years and seasons. We all are surely familiar with Albert Einstein’s quote: ‘Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another’. The same law can be applied to most trends. Fashion is a continuous transformation and reinvention of old styles that become new under a different light.

Invention is less usual than metamorphosis. And this gives us a playful advantage: there is some magic in combining a pair of 20-year-old jeans that we inherited from our mom with a recently bought crop top. So, put on your favorite playlist and prepare a foamy caffe latte to enjoy the top trends of the Autumn season and how to combine them.


Source: Visualoptimism.blogspot.com.uk

Isn't this just an ideal breakfast? 


1.    Extra-long sweater dress

You will want to be warm and protected under a soft, oversize and comfy knit dress. They are really long (almost till our feet) and give us the feeling that we're tucked under a blanket all day long.

In combination with a pair of sneakers, boots or even oxfords, you’ll project a relaxed and effortless sensation. Knit has a sensual I-don’t-know-what that makes it an irresistible fabric for the cold season.  

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Knit Sweater Dresses

Comfy Sneakers

2.    Suit up

Pretty sure you remember that famous Barney Stinson’s line, the always-in-suite blonde guy from the series How I Met Your Mother. Suits are joy to the eyes, and they are ready to get out of the office and be combined with a bralette or a lace top. 


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Suits for you

Lace tops

3.    Superposition of clothes

This is one of a controvert trend that not everybody finds graceful. It can look a bit extravagant under certain eyes. But the truth is that, putting together well combined elements, it looks elegant and allows us to wear skimpy clothes that, otherwise, we would reserve for the Summer or the bedroom.   

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Lingerie Dresses

Tops and T-shirts

4.    Velvet underground

Velvet is undoubtedly the protagonist fabric of the season. Its soft and warm touch makes it desirable to the fingers. Your skin will feel glad to wear this traditionally sensual material. David Lynch knew that she wore blue velvet, and you?   

Source: Pinterest

Really cute combination of velvet and suit.

Source: Pinterest

Velvet Dresses

Velvet Blouses

5.    Rococo

Lace, frills, vaporous fabrics, jackets full of patches, and definitely everything that invokes a punk Marie Antoinette. You can pick the light or the heavy version of this trend, deciding the level of excess.

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Romantic Silk Dress or Cream Lace Dress

Romantic Black Blouse 

6.    Striped

Stripes will be present in shirts, jackets, suits, skirts and so on. But not any strip: pinstripe. 

Source: Collage Vintage


Source: Vogue

Pinstriped Blouses and Shirts

7.    Ballet

It’s nothing new to see a tulle skirt, but this season the ballet trend comes stronger. Natalie Portman clearly seduced us representing the duality between passion and fragility in Black Swan. Soft and naïve; dark and post-punk. You decide which kind of swan you want to interpret.

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Tulle Ballet Inspired Skirts


8.    Visible socks

We have seen them in non glamorous ways, wrapping the feet of tourists that combine them with rubber flip flops. They come in a way that remind us to a college girl or a Japanese Lolita. You can playfully wear them with high heels, stilettos, oxford shoes, slippers, and so on. The fabrics and colors are up to your imagination. From lace to wool, enjoy the game.  

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Socks and Sandals


9.    Sleepwalker

In spite of all its detractors, our sleeping clothes want to be outside the dormitory. After all, who didn’t want to go to school in pajamas when feeling lazy?

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Floral Kimono

Loose Black Pants

10.    Pleated Skirt

One of the must-have clothes of this season is the pleated skirt. Especially if it’s midi and metallic. Easy to combine, comfortable and protagonist of relaxed and effortless outfits. 

Source: Late Afternoon


Source: Just The Design

Pleated Midi Skirts


Which of this trends are you looking forward to wear?

What wouldn't you wear even in your worst nightmare?

Express yourself!




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