20th January 2017

Mănuşile de ski

Cum alegi o pereche de mănuşi de ski

Iubitorii sporturilor de iarnă ar trebui să se bucure de vremea încă perfectă pentru ski. Dacă te-ai decis să mergi la ski în următoarea...
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19th January 2017

Ski Suit

How to suit up for the hill

Whether you’re new to skiing or just an enthusiast looking to upgrade your apparel, choosing the right ski suit will be one of the most important decisions...
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18th January 2017

Roberta De Martino - An Artistic Dreamer

You can't buy style, but you can educate it

Roberta is an Italian fashion blogger that we've spotted a while ago and we decide to bring her style into the limelight. Her sense of fashion...
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17th January 2017

Ski Pants

How to choose ski pants to stay safe on the slopes

Finding the perfect pair of ski pants can be a really difficult task sometimes. A good pair of ski pants can make the difference between a...
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17th January 2017

Snow Coats

Top 3 Winter Coats

A warm snow coat makes the winter season much more fun and bearable for any woman. Most snow jackets and coats have a simple design, but you can also find outdoor winter clothing...
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