25th April 2018

Summer blouse

Gorgeous looks

How to look great this summer? Wear a white blouse – it’s perfect for sunny says and killer temperatures. Plus, a white blouse can be a classic closet staple and you...
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11th April 2018

How to wear elegant blue dress

Win the hearts of people around you!

Nowadays, modern trendsetters, famous bloggers and celebrities have provided an opportunity for modern women not to limit themselves and to use a rich palette...
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10th April 2018

Different styles of women's shirts

What to choose?


Blue and white, plain or plaid – nowadays everyone has a shirt in the closet. This basic garment is now breaking new grounds because it can be combined...
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27th March 2018

Hairstyles for long hair

Spring edition        

Spring is already here and we’ve finally come out of hibernation that is our couch, endless movies, leggings and actually go out...
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16th March 2018

How to style silk blouses

The story of silk garments

The origins of silk Silk is a fabric produced by small larvae in order to form cocoons. This is a fact unknown to a lot of people, to whom it comes as a surprise...
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