18th May 2017

Dance shoes

Types of dance shoes

It doesn’t matter whether you are competing as a professional dancer or if you are a total beginner – dance shoes are an absolute necessity if you want to perform...
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14th May 2017

Cocktail dresses with sleeves


3 types of sleeves that will make you look amazing

A cocktail dress is typically a knee length party dress to wear at a cocktail party. There are many different styles, of...
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12th May 2017

Cotton Purses

Canvas Tote Bags

Most women when they dash out of the house in the morning for a walk or going to work, they grab a plain cotton tote bag from the wardrobe and stash in the laptop, gym clothes,...
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11th May 2017

Skechers Shoes

Sneakers 2017

Skechers is an American performance footwear brand for women, men and children. This company was founded in 1992 in Manhattan Beach, California. Today is considered to be the...
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10th May 2017

Comfortable Heels

5 Types of Heels

Comfortable heels aren’t a myth, they really exist. Every woman loves heels because they make you feel more feminine and glamorous. Unfortunately, most of the time, heels...
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