24th June 2016

French Nails

History & French Manicure

French manicure has originated in the 18th century and became really popular in the 1920s and 1930s. For a real stylish woman the allure of the French cu...
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24th June 2016

StylishCircle at Fashion Blogger Cafe

See you in Berlin!

StylishCircle is ready for yet another fabulous event in Berlin. This time during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the Fashion Blogger Cafe event with Styleranking....
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22nd June 2016

Cotton Summer Dresses

Why to Wear Cotton in the Summer

Cotton dresses are an important choice for hot summer days. A cotton dress is a super-comfy option because cotton is light a textile, breathable and very e...
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21st June 2016

Dresses and Cardigans

The Oversized Cardigan & the Casual Dress

When we think about chilly summer nights a basic outfit composed of a romantic dress and an oversized cardigan sounds pretty amazing. We...
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17th June 2016

Santorini - A Stylish Holiday Destination

Kirini Suites & SPA - Luxury at it's finest

It's summer and we're all out seeking the perfect holiday destination. But we just found it. It's the beautiful Greek island...
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